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Remembering Bamba

July 4, 2020 by

Christopher Bamba
Photo: Daily Freeman

A tragic swimming accident on June 23, 2020 took the life of Christopher Bamba, a young man whose talents and warm personality left an impression on everyone he met. Thomas Huleatt, his friend and teammate, reflects on Christopher’s life.

Christopher Bamba will always be missed but never forgotten for the teammate, friend, and inspiration that he was to me and so many others. I first met him playing basketball for Kingston High School. He was the tall skinny kid who introduced himself on the first day of practice as “Chris Bamba” and then with a grin, “but everyone calls me Bamba.” I will always remember his positive, upbeat personality as he walked into the gym every day, and his whimsical, “I was just pondering…” as he launched into something he had been thinking about. Once, after practice, he had the team in stitches after he convinced some of them that I was a father because my little brother’s booster seat was in the back of my car. I will never forget how he reached out to everyone around him, even while working to overcome adversity in his own life.

The solidarity of the wider community at his wake and funeral yesterday in Kingston reflected the impact of this one young man’s life on so many. You will be loved and remembered forever, Bamba.

Rest in peace, brother.

Christopher Bamba and Kingston basketball teamChris Bamba (number 24) with Kingston High basketball teammate Thomas Huleatt (number 20).

Thomas Huleatt is a student at Princeton University. He grew up at Woodcrest, a Bruderhof in Rifton, New York.


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